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Indonesian Community of Kansas City (ICKC) is a group of Indonesians and Americans who works together to preserve and promote Indonesia's wealth of beautiful and remarkable diversity culture and heritage, and business in Midwest and in the metropolitan particularly .  It formally commenced operation on 21 April 2003 as a result of its involvement with Ethnic Enrichment Commission of Kansas City , and later with Asian American Chamber of Commerce (AACC)  and American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (AICC).

Our Mission

Indonesian Community of Kansas City was established to facilitate the following objectives:
-  To bring together individuals of Indonesian national origin, and others who share interests in Indonesia, to participate in educational, cultural, social, and economic activities
- To preserve and nurture Indonesia's culture and heritage, as well as to promote better understanding between the people of Indonesia and USA.
- To promote Indonesia's tourism by showcasing cultural performances, International bazar and seminars.
- To encourage and support business cooperation between Indonesia and United States of America..

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is to see a better Indonesia for our children to visit and to be proud of.  We strive to promote Indonesian culture and heritage as well as educate ourselves about both the international and local cultures and to reduce discrimination and misunderstandings caused by cultural and racial differences.


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